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College Admissions

Tests and Assessments

Week One

Date Time Exam Location
Monday, May 6th 8:00 AM AP Government South Gym
  12:00 PM AP Chemistry South Gym
Tuesday, May 7th 8:00 AM AP Human Geography South Gym
  8:00 AM AP Microeconomics Study Hall - Room 8
  12:00 PM AP Seminar Study Hall - Room 8
  12:00 PM AP Statistics  South Gym
Wednesday, May 8th 8:00 AM AP English Literature South Gym
  12:00 PM AP Computer Science A South Gym
Thursday, May 9th 8:00 AM AP Environmental Science South Gym
  12:00 PM AP Psychology South Gym
Friday, May 10th 8:00 AM AP US History South Gym
  12:00 PM AP Macroeconomics South Gym
  12:45 PM Studio Art Art Room

Week Two

Date Time Exam Location
Monday, May 13th 8:00 AM AP Calculus AB South Gym
    AP Calculus BC  
  12:00 PM AP Pre-Calculus South Gym
Tuesday, May 14th 8:00 AM AP English Language South Gym
  12:00 PM AP Physics C: Mechanics South Gym
  2:00 PM AP Physics C: E/M South Gym
Wednesday, May 15th 8:00 AM AP World History South Gym
    AP French Study Hall - Room 8
  12:00 PM AP Computer Science Principles South Gym
    AP Music Theory Room 102
Thursday, May 16th 8:00 AM AP Spanish Study Hall - Room 8 
  12:00 PM AP Biology South Gym
Friday, May 17th 12:00 PM AP Physics 2 West Wing Office Conference Room


ACT is a college admissions test, measuring what you can learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college.  Find everything that you need to know about registration, test prep and what your scores mean here.

Additionally, students interested in preparing for the ACT can download an ACT Practice Test.


PSAT assessment is an optional practice SAT exam that the College Board offers for 10th and 11th grade students.  Interested West High students may choose to take this exam around the middle October.  Student scores on the PSAT can qualify them for the National Merit Scholarship Competition.  Normally exam registration is due in late September in the Guidance Office.


The SAT is a college admissions test has been redesigned to focus on the skills and knowledge that will help today's students meet the needs of the works where people can solve problems, communicate clearly, and understand complex relationships.  The tests are designed to:

  • Measure the essential ingredients for college and career readiness and success, as shown by research.
  • Have a stronger connection to classroom learning.
  • Inspire productive practice.